PCR Plates and Deep Well Plates

PCR Plates and Deep Well Plates

PCR plate
The PCR plate is used in the PCR instrument, just like the microplate plate is used with the microplate reader, it is used as a solid phase carrier, and the sample is subjected to PCR reaction in it, and then the PCR instrument is used for detection. In fact, to put it simply, a PCR plate is a combination of many PCR tubes, usually 96 wells.
Deep well plate
Like microplates, PCR plates, etc., they can become microplates, because the volume of each well is very small. There is also a plate in the laboratory, the hole is relatively deep, and the bottom is generally U-bottom, which is made of polymer materials. Has good chemical compatibility and can be used for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions and other laboratory liquids.

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