Laboratory 7105 HDAS016 Single Frosted Microscope Slides

Short Description:

Customized support: OEM

Model Number: 7105

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Type: plain Medical Supplies

Color: White

Edges: cut edges,ground edges,beveled edges

Cornor: 90°or 45°

Thickness: 1.0mm,1.1mm

Size: 25×75mm, 1″×3″mm, 26×76mm

Material: soda glass or Super white glass

certificates: CE/ISO

Product Detail

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Huida microscope slides are manufactured from superior glass, including white glass and super white glass.All slides are pre-cleaned and ready to use. Huida can also produce slides based on your special requirements and needs.
A variety of colors, corner styles and edges are available.

Single Frosted Microscope Slides are with frosted area on one end one side. It can withstand all solvents used in the laboratory.


1.Glass material:super white glass, soda lime glass
2.Dimensions:25×75mm, 1"×3"mm, 26×76mm
4.Corner:90ocorners, 45ocorners
5.Packaging:50/box, 72/box, 100/box
6.Ideal for labeling with a pencil or marking pen

Product Description

Super White Glass

Code No.



Frosted 1 end, 1 side, ground edges


Frosted 1 end, 1 side, cut edges


Frosted 1 end, 1 side, ground edges, beveled edges

The advantage of super white glass

Glass slides made of  Super White Glass have better flatness and thickness uniformity, and can be more suitable for automatic detection system. Super White Glass provides better light transmittance and a clearer image under the microscope; The Super White Glass has no fluorescence effect and will not interfere with the experimental results. Requires to be suitable for higher accuracy of the laboratory test and strict requirements of the pathology department of the vast majority of a variety of routine experiments.

Soda lime glass

Code No.



Frosted 1 end, 1 side, ground edges


Frosted 1 end, 1 side, cut edges


Frosted 1 end, 1 side, ground edges, beveled edges

The advantage of soda lime glass

Glass slides made of  soda lime glass have good flatness and attractivity. It is a series of products with high cost performance and is suitable for routine pathological HE staining and routine laboratory tests.

Product Details

details (4)

1.There is a 20mm corrosion marking surface on one end of the slide, which can be marked with labeling method, 2B pencil and marker.

2.The mark on the mark surface is not easy to be erased or washed off. It is suitable for chemical reagents and dyes commonly used in the laboratory.

details (2)
details (1)

3.Polished edges and octahedral chamfering greatly reduce the risk of scratches and infection during operation.

Our Services

We are professional manufacturer, OEM is welcomed.

1) Customized product housing;

2) Customized Color box;

We'll offer you the quotation as soon as possible once receive your inquiry, so don't hesitate to contact us.

We can produce the product under your brand name; also the size can be changed as your requirement.

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